Stop the hate. Protest the anti-Israel smear campaign at University of Central Lancashire


UPDATE: We have received a message from the press office of UCLAN informing us that after consideration, they have decided to uphold their commitment to free, open and lawful debate and will not allow the libelous event to go as planned.

Thank you all for your support!

Univesity Press Office message:

Thank you for your email. We appreciate the time you have taken to state your concerns so clearly.

The University of Central Lancashire is proud to host a campus community comprised of many cultures, faiths, nationalities and beliefs. This is something we truly value, as set out in this statement, which gives further detail on our commitment to inclusion, equality and diversity.

We take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all. As such, we have in place procedures to ensure that free, open and lawful debate is promoted and in this instance, our assessment has concluded that the proposed event cannot proceed as planned.

I hope that this assures you of our commitment to equality and diversity and our respect for all nationalities, cultures, faiths and beliefs.

Corporate Communications Team,
University of Central Lancashire