About us

StandWithUs Asia is dedicated to educating about the true Israeli society and the profound Jewish culture to the vast area of Asia. While the tie between Israel and the rest of Asia strengthens during the course of globalization, a proactive move to promote communication and to eliminate barriers is becoming more and more crucial.

By understanding a real Israel, our Asian friends will embrace their diverse, dynamic, and delicious “3D” neighbor from the western corner of the continent!

We disseminate Israeli innovation and Jewish culture through social media, delegations, online/offline materials in countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore, and the Philippines. With your support across the continent, the future of the Israel-Asia bond will continue to thrive!

The StandWithUs Asia Flagship Program

To prepare this generation’s leaders for the Israel-Asia relations, to equip Asian students who study in Israel with first-hand information about Israeli society, and to enrich their life here with all kinds of joyful and meaningful activities, we proudly launch the StandWithUs Asia Flagship Program.
StandWithUs has been a world-renowned educational non-profit organization for 14 years. Using our well-developed Israel platform, the Asia Flagship Program will enable its participants to fully understand the Israel society–its past, present, and future trends–through our series of courses and activities.

The year-long Program is aimed to train our participants not only with knowledge about facts of Israel but also with skills in leadership.

We cooperate with top universities in Israel to provide high-level courses and special activities to our members. During the academic year, we organize a series of events on a monthly basis. The events will cover the most heated topics about Israel, such as, its society, politics, women and the diverse population. We also provide fun cultural activities about food, music, history, etc.

We invite keynote speakers who are professionals in their fields to introduce their parts of Israel story. Speakers from our past events include Israel’s diplomats, members of Knesset, entrepreneurs, and even pop stars.

In addition to the educational program, our participants will form into different teams and each team will create one project aiming at improving Israel’s relation with a certain region of Asia. With our guidance and help, the project should be carried out during the year. Towards the end of the academic year, in front of special guests and the fellow members, all teams will present their achievements in the graduation ceremony and receive their certificates of graduation.

Any Asian students who are currently enrolled in Israel can apply. We welcome all those who have an open heart to understand Israel and a creative mind for teamwork, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, genders or faiths. You can apply NOW!!!

*Israeli students with an Asian background are encouraged to apply too and will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

In the Program you will have rare opportunities to:

  • explore Israel in depth with professionals;
  • build your social-network with Israel’s top figures;
  • train your skills in leadership in real situations (public speaking, critical thinking, and influencing the audience);
  • gain life-long friendship with other participants.

Once your application is accepted, we will examine your materials and arrange an interview with you once you have demonstrated suitable qualities. With an overall consideration, we will publish the final list of candidates to be our official members of the year.

We wish to see you soon!


StandWithUs Asia sends strategic delegations to different regions of Asia to show Israel in a real way. By exchanging delegations, we promote communications between Israel and its Asian partners and strengthen the bonds in between.

This June we sent our first delegation to China. The delegation, known as the “Israel Start-Up Ambassadors”, visited three major cities in China–Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, and conducted 24 events in ten days. With two vigorous Israeli entrepreneurs–Boaz Melnik, cofounder and CEO of Airzz and Weesh, Yael Vizel, CEO of Zeekit, and our China Programming Coordinator Lechao Tang, the delegation visited innovation centers, governmental branches, law firms, business groups, museums, universities and high schools, met with 2,000 audiences face-to-face, and let their voice be heard by tens of thousands through all kinds of media.

Through Israel’s creativity, theses “ambassadors” were able to introduce to the audience a real dynamic Israel as the Start-Up Nation. While China is directing its economy towards innovation, the delegation, seen as road models from Israel, was welcomed by great warmth along the way. The original one-hour event could easily be prolonged to two hours and beyond.

The delegation disseminated seeds of friendship and built up bonds of connections. We shared with the Chinese community the “secret ingredient” of the Jewish success. The time we spent in China was precious and memorable! We look forward to sending more delegations like this to other parts of Asia such as the South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Internship Opportunities

If you like our program and share the same vision with our mission, and you have talents in the following fields and you’d like to contribute, please contact us and become a part of StandWithUs, a part of Israel’s story!

Constantly we need volunteers who are:

  • In charge of recording our nice and memorable moments;
  • Will be invited to our special events!
  • familiar with photo editing programs;
  • know how to adjust photos to the best for social media display;
  • flexible with work time.
  • familiar with general video editing programs;
  • with creative minds to help generate ideas.

If you have other skills or wonderful ideas about promoting Israel in Asia, even if you simply just want to help out with anything, please feel free to let us know!

With your love to Israel, we assume all our volunteers are kind and openhearted people who cherish the value of teamwork and cooperation. Although we warmly welcome you to our office located in the beautiful center of Jerusalem, all the jobs can be done at locations of your own choice. While we cannot guarantee monetary rewards, your experience with us will look fabulous on your resume and your work for Israel will be very much appreciated by us and by our millions of viewers!

Contact us now!