The time has come for change at San Francisco State!

Stop the hostility against Jewish students!




The SFSU administration is still refusing to take the concerns of Jewish students seriously. In light of this, we are calling on California State University Chancellor Dr. Timothy P. Whitethe California State University System, and SFSU to take the following concrete actions as soon as possible.

1.  Adopt and implement an official policy similar to the University of California Principles Against Intolerance, in order to combat anti-Semitism and other types of based hatred.

2. Issue a clear public statement that Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist students are welcome on campus.

From the shouting down of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to barring Hillel from participating in an event open to all other student groups, the campus climate for Jewish students at San Francisco State University has gone from inhospitable to openly hostile. Students face verbal abuse and fear physical confrontation, some are even afraid to openly wear Jewish symbols on campus.

On April 3, a group of 25 students from SF Hillel sent a letter to SF State President Les Wong expressing concerns over his apparently disingenuous invitation to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to return to campus and other recent events. Rather than accept responsibility, the President’s response was to ask for the student’s increased cooperation, as though they were at fault for the reprehensible behavior he’s allowed against them. This shaming of the victims is totally unacceptable and in flagrant disregard of the university’s mission to create opportunities for “each student to discover his or her unique path in life.”

Community-wide negotiations with administrators have been ineffective and we’re initiating this petition to call on California State University Chancellor Dr. Timothy P. White to take immediate action to ensure the security and dignity of Jewish students. 


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The time has come for change at SF State

Dear Chancellor White,

We are gravely disappointed that community-wide negotiations with San Francisco State University (SFSU) administrators have so far been ineffective and that the SFSU campus climate continues to deteriorate for Jewish students, faculty and staff.

From the disgraceful treatment of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on two occasions in the past year to the recent barring of a Jewish student group (Hillel) from participating in the Know Your Rights campus event open to all other student groups to the general disregard for Jewish faculty’s increasing concerns, SFSU's culture of anti-normalization against Jewish students, and other supporters of Israel, has gone from inhospitable to openly hostile in recent months.

This worsening pattern has been allowed to flourish by the highest offices of the administration. We call on you in your role as a champion of inclusive excellence to help assure the success of all California State University students, regardless of religion, ethnicity, creed or campus. Please, your leadership is needed now at SFSU to assure the safety and dignity of Jewish students.

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