Respect Irish Neutrality - Say no to one-sided recognition of Palestinian State

The Irish government is debating a decision to approve a one-sided recognition of a Palestinian State, upending Ireland’s policy of neutrality, rewarding Palestinian intransigence and further diminishing the prospects of a negotiated peace. Only direct negotiations between the two sides can bring about a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

 StandWithUs and Irish4Israel have partnered in order to oppose this dangerous proposal.

Sign the petition to protest this move and encourage Irish party leaders to vote NO on this decision. Every signature sends an automatic e-mail to the leaders of Ireland’s political parties, ensuring that your voice will be heard.


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Respect Irish Neutrality

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Fine Gael – Enda Kenny TD – Prime Minister
Independent Alliance – Shane Ross TD
Social Democrats – Catherine Murphy TD
Sinn Fein – Gerry Adams TD
Fianna Fail – Micheál Martin TD
Labour – Brendan Howlin TD
Green Party – Eamon Ryan TD
Rural Independent Group – Noel Grealish TD