StandWithUs South Africa

StandWithUs is proud to work with The South African Union of Jewish Students and the South African Board of Jewish Deputies in combatting hate and antisemitism in South Africa.

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StandWithUs Europe

StandWithUs activity in Europe

Alongside our UK office, StandWithUs is also active all over Europe. Utilizing social media and informational materials in multiple languages both online and in print, we educate about Israel. We run conferences and events across the region to provide different audiences with tools on how to be active for Israel. We send out delegations of young and diverse Israelis who tell their stories across campuses and communities, such as our delegations to the UK, Norway, France and more.

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StandWithUs Asia

StandWithUs Asia sets out to introduce to the people of East Asiathe story of a vibrant and inspirational Israel. We would like to introduce Israel, with its unique society and culture, its robust technology, its booming high-tech and startup scene and its incredible economic outreach to Asia audiences. Utilizing social media, university programs, informational materials, missions and networking events, we seek to connect and cultivate relationships between Israel and Asia’s business leaders, young professionals, students and social influencers.

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