Tell City University: Free Speech is Worth Protecting!

Write to City University to tell them they need to facilitate and secure the Israeli Ambassador's visit to the campus!

I together with City and Cass Israel Society and the Union of Jewish Students are deeply disturbed that the Israeli Ambassador has been forced to cancel his appearance at an event at City, University of London. Your decision to lead City, University of London and City Students’ Union to refuse basic security requirements as outlined by the Metropolitan Police and Counter Terrorism Police is appalling. It is disgraceful that City, University of London have prioritised divisive politics over the safety of their own students.

Israeli diplomats have spoken on campus more than 150 times over the past 4 years, where all host institutions have managed to balance freedom of speech with the legitimate right to peaceful protest. It seems City have deliberately failed in their obligation to do both.

The past few years have seen a series of events and developments at City, University of London that have caused Jewish students to feel threatened. I am disgusted by the levels of intimidation and bigotry to which Jewish students have been subjected, and today’s cancellation only reinforces this already unacceptable situation.”
Your actions and the actions of City Students’ Union are discriminatory hypocritical and harmful to your students. I call on you to comply with the basic security requirements of the Metropolitan Police and reschedule the event with Ambassador Regev immediately.

Tell City University: Free Speech is Worth Protecting!


Dear Professor Curran and University leadership

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