Show Hatred the Red Card

Demand FIFA act against Jibril Rajoub and the Palestinian Football Association's hateful actions and rhetoric against Israel.

For years, the worldwide FIFA council has been the target of a Palestinian bid to expel Israel from the federation and denigrate the Jewish State. Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA), Jibril Rajoub has led this anti-Israel campaign for months. Rajoub himself has called for using football to pressure and demonize Israel:

“We’ll suspend their [FIFA] membership and this way we’ll screw them… I won’t agree to any joint game between Arabs and Israel.”

[Jibril Rajoub on PA TV, July 1, 2013]


Join StandWithUs in demanding FIFA act against Jibril Rajoub and the Palestinian Football Association’s hateful actions and rhetoric against Israel.

Show Hatred the Red Card


Dear Mr. Tokyo Sexwale

We the undersigned are concerned and alarmed over the continuing use of football as a tool of incitement and hatred, and are dismayed at seeing FIFA used as a platform from which to bash the State of Israel.

As you know, FIFA has long been subject to various campaigns aiming to hurt and denigrate the Jewish State through football, led by the Palestinian Football League under Jibril Rajoub. These campaigns, promoting the demonization and discrimination of Israel, have been hiding behind false claims of regulations violations in order to mask their pernicious agenda.

The PFA and Rajoub are the last people that should be talking about regulation violations, and are actively engaging in indoctrination and intimidation, destroying the chances of using sports as a bridge of cooperation and a platform for peace.

Against the spirit of peace and cooperation that FIFA stands for, the PFA has been actively enforcing a policy of intimidation, forbidding any play between Israeli and Palestinian football clubs, even condemning a friendly match organized by the Peres Center for Peace between Palestinian and Israeli youth, with Rajoub calling it "a crime against humanity" and later stating:

"There will be no youth or sports activity of any kind with the Israeli side".
(Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 8 September 2014)

Furthermore, the PFA actively denigrates Israel and Israelis, promoting a hateful campaigns of demonization, stating -

“Under no circumstances will there be normalization. Next time we are prepared to bring the [FIFA] Executive Committee in helicopters … they will see no Jews, no Satans, no Zionist sons of *****. Come by helicopter and go back by helicopter."
(Speech to Arab women sports journalists, official Palestinian Authority television, 17 May 2012)

Most alarmingly, the PFA, led by Rajoub, has been actively promoting terrorism by naming tournaments and football clubs after terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians. Holding the Khalil Al Wazir “Abu Jihad” football tournament. The tournament is named after Khalil Al Wazir (Abu Jihad), who was the leader of the Fatah terrorist group and personally planned terrorist attacks in which 125 Israelis were killed.

In light of these actions, in clear violations of FIFA regulation and more importantly - human decency, we the undersigned are calling on the honorable leaders of FIFA to hold the Palestinian Football Association accountable:

1. Put a clear and decisive end to the pernicious campaign against Israel.

2. Condemn the Palestinian Football Association's continued policy of promoting terrorism and glorifying violence, suspending the PFA until all such activities are put to an end.

3. Condemn the Palestinian Football Association's objectionable policy of forbidding contact with Israeli football clubs.

4. Demand that the Palestinian Football Association expel Jibril Rajoub, an active promoter of terror and violence and the leader of the pernicious policies mentioned above, suspending the PFA until his expulsion.

We believe that no other course of action would be consistent with a commitment to peace and dialogue, respecting FIFA's own regulations and vision.

We implore you to take action on these issues for the sake of Israelis and Palestinians alike.


**your signature**

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