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Thank the artist for coming to Israel not bowing to BDS pressure

International music artist Lana Del Rey is coming to perform in Israel for a three-day music festival.

Lana is facing pressure from BDS and other hate groups to not preform in Israel. She has stood up to them and reaffirmed her commitment to playing in the country, and for that we want to thank her.

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Come to Israel and End Our Summertime Sadness!


Dear Lana Del Rey,

I am one of many Israelis sending you this letter to tell you how excited I am that you are coming to Israel.

I am also excited that you will get to see Young a Beautiful Israel, and experience the Israeli's Lust for Life.

Israel is a complex place, and I want to express my admiration for your courage to come see it for yourself. I know that coming to see your Israeli fans can be rife with difficulties, but as one of those fans, seeing you perform live is something I have only imagined Once Upon A Dream.

I know this will be one of the most meaningful shows you have ever done, and I cant wait to see you.


**your signature**

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