Ireland: Say No to BDS

Please Bin The Frances Black Bill

Last week, the Irish senate took a biased, one-sided political stance and approved a bill to criminalize activity in certain areas of Israel. While these areas are disputed, in doing so, they went against European Union policy and their own government. This bill would make Ireland the first EU country to end trade with Judea and Samaria, as well as with Jewish communities in Eastern Jerusalem. The bill imposes a fine of up to 250,000 euros or five year jail sentence!

Settlement communities in Israel may be controversial, but they are not the key reason why there is no peace in the region. This bill exclusively targets Israel while simultaneously ignoring all other disputed territorial conflicts. It is anti-peace and will only further prevent direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Furthermore, for the Irish government to turn a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by Palestinians (and the payments they receive from the Palestinian authority) makes them accountable for normalizing Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.

We call on the Irish political leaders to speak out against and to vote against this one-sided and extreme proposed piece of legislation!

Ireland: Say No to Proposed Discriminatory Anti-Peace BDS Law


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