Here comes Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks stands up to BDS support groups, cue the applause!

When artists show the world where they are going on tour, and fans see that Tel Aviv is a stop, that artist begins to receive a lot of hate from BDS support groups around the world. This has just happened to Azealia Banks; this time, however, things ended differently. Azealia Banks stood up to the BDS groups saying that it would be Anti- Semetic of her to cancel her concert in Israel, and that she chooses to connect to her fans through music, rising above the politics of the situation. Azealia Banks’ bravery for standing up to these groups is quite admirable and we would really like to commend her for that, help us do that!

Thank You Azealia Banks


Thanks Azealia!

The citizens of Israel and people all around the world would like to thank you for setting politics aside and continuing to come and perform in Tel Aviv. It is truly honorable to see someone stand up to BDS hate groups, as you have done. We are so excited for you to finally see Israel and all the wonderful things our country has to offer!

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