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Stand With Us was founded in 2001 in response to the misinformation that surrounds the Middle East conflict, and the inappropriate often anti-Semitic language used about Israel and/or the Jewish people worldwide. StandWithUs has offices and chapters around the world and is dedicated to empowering Israel supporters with a wide variety of materials, resources and tools in order to be able to effectively combat the growing anti-Israel campaigns and speakers.
StandWithUs2 hours ago
Wheelchairs of Hope, an Israel-based group, has invented a special kid-size wheelchair, and they are donating them all across the globe. Read more about the group here: http://bit.ly/2uQM3cn
StandWithUs5 hours ago
The reaction to metal detectors is an exaggeration to say the least. Enough with the petty attempts to incite violence against Israel!
StandWithUs8 hours ago
Evidence of the Palestinian leadership's human rights violations against their own people continues to pile up. Where are the voices of Palestinian activists?!

The Palestinian Authority systematically tortured dozens of suspected collaborators with Israel between 1990 and 2003, and must compensate them for the physical and mental harm it caused them, a Jerusalem court ruled this week.
StandWithUs11 hours ago
Sick: There have been many "vile statements coming out of Jordan recently – like Jordanian Parliament Atef Tarawneh’s praise of the Arab terrorists who killed two Israeli police officers near the Temple Mount on Friday"...but this one is really something

"Dima Tahboub, Jordanian MP and spokesperson of the Islamic Action Front, praising the murder of the seven Israeli schoolgirls at the hands of a Jordanian soldier in 1997."

Via Israellycool
StandWithUs14 hours ago
Israel's life-saving efforts on the Syrian border.

Video: Israel Defense Forces
StandWithUs18 hours ago
Israel isn't the only country to protect its holy sites!

Following the terror attack at the Temple Mount, Israel's government decided to install metal detectors at the entrance to the site. Following the decision, the Palestinian leadership declared a "Day of Rage", claiming that the metal detectors desecrate the holy site.

But is Israel the only country to protect its holy sites?

In Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, there are more than 5,000 CCTV cameras and over 100,000 people employed to provide security during the annual Hajj. Pilgrims on Hajj do not regularly pass through metal detectors in the vicinity of the holy sites, but they do pass through them on the way to Hajj at border controls and at airports. Like Israel, Saudi Arabia faces terrorist threats and has upgraded its security in recent years.

The Vatican in Rome has also upped security recently amid terrorist threats. In 2015 more than 5,000 extra police officers were deployed and checkpoints were set up at St. Peter’s Square. Photos showed police searching and patting down nuns. Metal detectors were also installed and photos show nuns and the faithful passing through them.

Other holy sites which are installed with security measures include the Bodh Gaya (Bihar, India), The Sikh Golden Temple (Amritsar, India) and The Ismaili Muslim procession (Lahore, Pakistan).
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