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Stand With Us was founded in 2001 in response to the misinformation that surrounds the Middle East conflict, and the inappropriate often anti-Semitic language used about Israel and/or the Jewish people worldwide. StandWithUs has offices and chapters around the world and is dedicated to empowering Israel supporters with a wide variety of materials, resources and tools in order to be able to effectively combat the growing anti-Israel campaigns and speakers.
StandWithUs19 ago
As part of their annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” the Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, in conjunction with Columbia/Barnard Jewish Voice for Peace, are hosting an event Monday, February 27th entitled “Zionists are Racists.”

If you buy into Dr. King’s assessment that the arc of the moral universe is long but bends toward justice, then you buy into the idea that as humanity progresses, we sometimes must look back at the actions of the past and recognize that they do not conform to our standards of morality. The very essence of progress is predicated on acknowledging there is a problem which needs addressing.

The students who are hosting this offensive, bigoted, and hateful event are guilty of precisely the opposite. They drag us back to a past that is so shameful, it has already been corrected.
StandWithUs3 hours ago
It's #FamilyDay in Israel! Happy family day from all of us in Israel!

Pictured, families of the Israeli Air Force!
StandWithUs7 hours ago
Has the UN Human Rights Council lost its way?

Video by: J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel
StandWithUs9 hours ago
This past summer Israeli student leaders hosted American student leaders for an educational journey in Israel. To learn more about the trip go to insight-il.com
StandWithUs12 hours ago
Nadiya El Noor on how antisemitism has become the new social justice: "Anti-Semitism is the acceptable form of bigotry on the Left. It’s thinly veiled as “anti-Zionism,” which really is just anti-Semitism with a fancy name, as it opposes the Jewish Indigenous Rights movement. Students are expected to hate Israel in the name of being progressive. Jewish students are painted as privileged racists, unless they disavow Israel and abandon their indigenous struggle in order to assimilate. My people (Muslims) are portrayed as helpless victims of ruthless Jewish aggression. Palestinians become pawns in the game of Jew hatred. The world falls for it."
StandWithUs15 hours ago
A New Orleans-based cocktails expert just spent a week in Israel and was blown away by the wines, craft beers and more.

What's your favorite cocktail spot in Israel?
3 hours ago
Horrific antisemitism continued over the weekend when 2 Jewish men were beaten in Paris. https://t.co/qFftktOUwQ https://t.co/OZKp51Q6Bh StandWithUs photo
7 hours ago
How antisemitism is becoming the new 'social justice.' https://t.co/gcTZnoqylK
9 hours ago
A New Orleans cocktails expert just spent a week in Israel and was blown away by the wines, craft beers and more. https://t.co/b7jmPkMogV
12 hours ago
Israelis create app, GPS for walking with coffee, ATM, included. https://t.co/pwVTMN43J7
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